Wednesday, 7 January 2015

what a day

Hi guys just thought i would post up my makes and update on my cross stitch from yesterday.
I coloured in the simply Betty stamps new year Betty just got to put her onto a card now.
I got a little bit more of my cross stitch done . doesn't look alot but the constant changing of colours is why :)
And yesterday I had a little but of me and baba boo time. we sat and watched some silly songs and he had one little chocolate this is the mess he made. but it makes me smile :D
anyways some bad news for me today.
I went for a smear test on the 29th DEC and got a letter today saying I've got to go for a colposcopy  they've got me an appointment for next week as I've got high grade dyskaryosis. 
little bit of a shock for me as i knew something was wrong but i was hoping that it was nothing, but me and Lee have spoken about it and we'll deal with the problems as they come I can't sit here feeling sorry for myself about it  it's just another thing thrown at us  (do wish these things would stop throwing themselves at us now though) i hope i don't sound to harsh on myself about this and that I'm brushing it off, because I'm not inside I'm scared to death. but i think dealing with my back problems and stress for the past 8 years I've taught myself to just sit and take the problems as they come. 
anyways enough of me going on I'm going to sit and do a little more of my cross stitch as I've got some peace and quiet for a while this evening Lee's got to go for an MRI on his spine for the Dr's to decide what path they are going to take with him there as been talks of him having an op on his spine to take the pressure off the nerves.



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