Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Happy New year 2009

I just want to take this time to wish everyone a very Happy New Year for 2009 lets hope it's a much better one than this year, I think it's been one of them years where if something can go wrong then it has, the only good thing was Jay getting engaged to Cherry. but like I've said to loads of people I have a feeling something good is going to happen next year :)
Anyway this is just a simple card I done this morning when I had a few minutes peace :D

Sunday, 21 December 2008

craft central

Lee took me and beth over to craft central this morning and we got loads of bargains :) i've now got a big bite to go with my crop o dile but can't have either till christmas, beth got loads of scrapbooking papers so she's happy :)

Well tomorrow is the anniversary of losing my mum. this is the card i have made to put up with her I can't believe that four years have gone already, and i still miss her very much. we all do. so christmas is a pretty sad time for us.
I'm hoping the new year brings a better one than this year has been, it's not been all bad for us jay got engaged, we have got a few plans going round our heads at the min on where we want life to take us but i wont post about that bit yet but will do as soon as something comes of it.
we're all sorted for christmas now just got to get the fresh things in :) and think of something else to go with my dads present.
I'm trying to get my fire and ice cross stitch finish now his almost there i've got about a quarter of it left to go be glad to get it finished now though it's taken such a long time to complete but it is a big one. just thinking of my next one to do will get the poppy one done that one of the kind ladies from trimcraft sent me for my birthday :)

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

my birthday present finally arrived

Well My birthday present finally arrived yesterday from lee and the kids we've been waiting over a week for it to come. Anyway I had to put some pictures on here of what they got me because it's like OMG. I got two card making bounty boxes and when I took everything out do you think I could get it all back in the box? could I heck lol. But this huge stash will give me hours of fun :) Now their asking what I want for christmas lol i said the same again please :) but I'm so happy with this lot

some 6x6 papers and 2x12 papers

A4 papers

12x12 double sided papers

scrabble embelishments

some more 12x12 papers

embossed paper packs and some other papers

some stencils stamps and other bits and bobs

some more A4 papers

some 8x8 scrapbooks

some card kits

some stickers and embellishments

some more bits and bobs

Monday, 1 December 2008

OMG it's december already where has this year gone? christmas is almost upon us again.

the first picture is Me and Lee my wonderful husband not the best picture in the world of us lol
Lee is a publican and runs a music pub we have been married for 19 years on the 13th Jan. we've been together for 23 years now since I was 13 and he was 15 lol and they say young love never lasts :)

Next we have Jay our oldest son and his wonderful girlfriend Cherry this photo was taken when he was on holiday in Cebu.
Jay works with his dad in the pub but is also doing electronics at college

This is Emma our oldest daughter she changes her hair colour so often it's hard to get hold of an up to date colour :) she studying to become a photogragher at the moment and also into crafts she loves making pages for her scrapbook.
she also works in the pub lol

Both my girls like to stand out in a crowd but they don't like they way some people judge them for the way they look. they would help anyone in trouble at the drop of a hat. the other week a women fell over in the middle of town and people were walking past no one offered to help but they both went over and helped her up and made sure she was ok.

This is Beth our youngest daughter she's now finishing high school and can't wait to get started at college on her A levels again she's another one who loves scrapbooking at the moment she is making one called school days which is from when she started high school to the end.

This is Aaron our youngest better know as Arry.
His just started high school and doing really well. His one of these people with a wicked sense of humor and always makes you laugh with the things he comes out with. his not so much into crafting but does like cutting things out on my cricut, I have the scal program on my comp and found the doctor who font so his cut loads of thisngs with that of late lol

Anyway thats my family so you will see pictures of them popping up from time to time. :)

Sunday, 30 November 2008


Hi ok so I thought i would add a couple of my bead work cards today i made the snowflake one yesterday which took me about 1 1/2 hours to sew the beads on. think it adds something special to the card.
The corset one took me about 3 hours to sew but all worth it in the end.
I love making the beaded cards more so in the winter as it always takes my mind off the dreadful weather outside. we've had nothing but rain here for three days now.

Friday, 28 November 2008

what a wet day

my native American urn

Firstly is hasn't stopped raining here today heavy rain as well just glad I didn't have to go anywhere.

Went to craft central yesterday and got a few new bits, a big box of paper, some decoupage and a few other bits the best bit was they had 20% off. got an email this evening saying they are having up to 40% off over the weekend hmmmm. the card above was one of the decoupage i got made me and Emma laugh so hope it brings a smile to your face.

Anyway since I last wrote on here I've had my birthday and would like to thank all the girls from the trimcraft forum for sending me all those beautiful cards. my dad bought me a native American Indian urn (pictured above) which goes with a set i already have. My cake was an orange dinosaur hmmmm think the kids were trying to tell me something like I'm getting old lol I'm only 36.
Bit upset though as Lee and all the kids put in together to buy me a massive order from arty miss and it hasn't come yet they did say the other day on the trimcraft forum that people who ordered on the 20Th 21st should get it on Friday well i didn't so not sure when that's going to come now, but will be well after my birthday maybe i could have it for a Christmas present instead lmao
thanks for reading xx

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Sunday, 9 November 2008

thought i would share

My son brought me back the most wonderful handmade lamp from his holiday, on the bag that it came in the following was written.

Dreams are what touches our hearts and souls.
A magical memory.
The union of fantasy and reality.
The marvel of sounds and the spectacle of lights.
The awesome moment itself.
Blue is the colour of our luminous dreams.
The mystical madness of blue magic continues to rage!!

I haven't got a clue where it comes from except the shop was called blue magic.

But I thought for anyone reading this it might just bring some light into their day.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

what a week so far

So this is my first blog on here just getting used to the site and all that it'll take me a while to work everything out lol.
Well so far this week our son Jay has told us his now engaged to be married to his beautiful girlfriend cherry. so going to be busy this week as I've got two engagment cards to make one for jay and one to post to cherry. plus I'm getting ready for him to come home on friday.
Anyway Thought i would add a few of my cards.