Saturday, 26 January 2013

forgot to put this picture this is my stamp grab bag from i'm so pleased with the stamps i got from them :D

some more of my craft area

this drawer set my daughter emm didn't want in her room any more and it fits perfectly under my craft table. i changed the handles to chrome knobs In the top drawer is all the things i use regularly 

next drawer is paper and random paper packs

bottom drawer is full of glitter card i've got a thing for glitter and love using it in my crafting projects

this is the cubbies above my desk they've got my mini drawers and the shelf has some of my boxes and my embossing boards the keep calm drink coffee tin holds black and white cross stitch threads

and beside my desk which i'm slowly sorting out is 2 book cases which holds my cricut and paper and the furthest one has jars of beads and glitter and also where i keep my shimmer mists 

pens pens and more pens

I've been having a sort out round mu crafting desk today, i wanted all my promarkers S.N and sakura pens where i can see the colour i want and have them at hand as you can see i've got a full set of the pro's lol :D the storage boxes on to are card candi with some of my pots of glitter and gems, i also managed to find a home for my big shot too. maybe now i'll find my mojo again as it has been gone missing for a little while now :(