Saturday, 17 August 2013

hi guys hope everything is going well for everyone.
I've still been suffering badly with my pain levels but at least the new meds the gp gave me are letting me sleep at night. 
Lee's had a hospital visit and has to have spinal blocks on the 27th sept, if that doesn't work they're going to have to do an op on his spinal to help with his numbness in his legs.

anyways this is what i've been doing over the past couple of days, colouring witch mercedes by simply betty stamps

purple with green hair
pink with blue hair
 green with grey hair
this is one card i've made using one of the coloured images. i found the backing paper on they have loads of free downloads on there and this was one of them. i found it went so well with mercedes that i didn;t need to add anything else to the card. the card itself is A5 in size but i'm happy with how it came out :D