Sunday, 1 March 2015

update on cancer and cross stitch i'm working on

HI Guys
Well what a week it's been for me up and down the hospital three times and we've had the builders in putting new heaters in .
So first off the hospital visits.. I had to have an MRI to see what's going on with the cancer, second visit was to try and take another biopsy. and the third visit was to meet the cancer team that's now looking after me.
They have found a tumour which as of my MRI was 4 cm, and the doctor told us I've got an aggressive form of cancer which they are going to  start getting me the right treatment asap. I've got to go for a P.E,T scan within the next couple of weeks,

Onto my crafting I'm STILL working on my cross stitch I'm well into the 3rd panel now and I've given myself a 18 day goal to get it finished because that's when i have my first op and I'd like to take a new project into hospital with me.

And this little fella my gorgeous grandson has now been here in the UK for a year this week.
I love this picture of him he was eating chocolate cake the other day :)