Monday, 5 January 2015

first panel done and other bits going on at the min :)

Hi guys
just a quick update on my panel I've finished the first one yay :D 
sorry the pic is a little out of focus my phone really didn't want to play when i took the photo.
Anyways plans for today.
I'm going to finish a card using the free digi from simply Betty stamps, it's all coloured up just need to put it on a card now.
And I'm going to start work on the next panel of my cross stitch I'm going for the right side of it as that has less stitches so will be able to get that done and get onto the other one quite quickly.
Lee's anniversary prezzies came today too. (I'm on a role)
I got him a new star wars chess set (one that he hasn't got) and a Jedi manual
(omg he is such a geek but his my geek lol)
on the 13th we'll have been married 25 years so wanted to get him something special and been married to a huge star wars fan thought that would be the perfect gift for him.
And i haven't got my baba boo (grandson) here again today my pain levels have been really bad for the past three days which is getting me down a little but thought if i throw myself into my crafts it will stop me getting down. 
anyways enough for the moment I'll pop a picture of my finished card and progress on my stitching later tonight or tomorrow morning :)
hugs to all
nade xx

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