Thursday, 6 August 2015

Hi guys

SO have been colouring this little chick in today she's one of #slinkytart digi's
I'm going to be doing two of these one for each of my daughter who both love their books and reading.

Lee and I thought we were going to have a couple of days peace as Emm is staying over at her partners this week and Arry has gone camping with his. He went yesterday...... got a phone call today asking for us to go pick him up tomorrow as he really doesn't like it lol. it would have been the forst time in nearly 27 years that we had spent more than one day on our lonesomes . wasn't meant to happen lol 

Monday, 3 August 2015

Hi guys just thought I would put a picture up of my craft desk, while it tidy.
I got a new pink cutting mat today hence the tidy up but I've been working on getting the cubby's in some sort of order which they are now yay. The one above my comp has my oil pencils and spectrum nior pencils, just behind them are some spare promarkers. crafting cd's and all my glues that i use.
the second one across has all my gel pens. and the third has my ink pads note books and journals.
On my desk I've now made a little area for Ryry his got his little bucket whic holds all his own pens and pencils and a craft mat for easy clean up. and along the back of my desk i've got my cricut (which i should try to use ) , a little set of drawers which has random bits in plus my pliers, and my pen storage which has all my promarkers and flexmarkers in. I'm hoping for my birthday to get the full set of spectrum noir markers as I want to try and work them all in together when i'm colouring.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

HI guys

Sorry I've not been around in what seems like forever but with all the hospital visits and the chemo and radiotherapy I've not had alot of time for anything else.
Well the good news is the treatment has worked on the main tumour.
 I've got to go for an MRI soon to see how everything else down there is doing 
and whether it's worked on my lymph nodes too
so I'm keeps positive about it all and telling myself it has.

So today I've had a day off from ryry too so thought I'd have a bit of a colouring day.
I've coloured in the alchemist's chamber by make it crafty.

I don't colour buildings in very much, mainly because i never seem to get the colours right. 
But I fell in love with this one and thought now is a better time than any to have a go,
 and I'm really pleased with how it came out.
 It's coloured in with promarkers and a couple of
flexmarkers thrown in for good measure :D 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

update on cancer and cross stitch i'm working on

HI Guys
Well what a week it's been for me up and down the hospital three times and we've had the builders in putting new heaters in .
So first off the hospital visits.. I had to have an MRI to see what's going on with the cancer, second visit was to try and take another biopsy. and the third visit was to meet the cancer team that's now looking after me.
They have found a tumour which as of my MRI was 4 cm, and the doctor told us I've got an aggressive form of cancer which they are going to  start getting me the right treatment asap. I've got to go for a P.E,T scan within the next couple of weeks,

Onto my crafting I'm STILL working on my cross stitch I'm well into the 3rd panel now and I've given myself a 18 day goal to get it finished because that's when i have my first op and I'd like to take a new project into hospital with me.

And this little fella my gorgeous grandson has now been here in the UK for a year this week.
I love this picture of him he was eating chocolate cake the other day :)

Thursday, 12 February 2015

not a good new post

Hi guys

This isn't possibly the best of posts but I needed to get it off my chest.

Yesterday was possibly the worst day of my life after losing my mum.
I found out that I've got cervical cancer...
Now i don't want any OMG I'm so sorry or things like that
 I need all the good vibes in my life at the min.
It was a shock been told but think something deep down knew.
I went of a lletz (or leep if your in the states) last month.
and the doctor told me that he had taken a large biopsy .
that's how it was found.
But over the past few months I've been having problems anyways which i wont go into
as it's a little bit tmi 

So the plan now.
I've got to go for an mri within the next couple of weeks to see how far the cancer is.
and within the next month  I've got to have a full hysterectomy  which is a little scary 
and then we go from there thats all I know at the min.

anyway I just needed to get that off my chest  thank you for reading me waffle on :) 


nade xx

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

what a day

Hi guys just thought i would post up my makes and update on my cross stitch from yesterday.
I coloured in the simply Betty stamps new year Betty just got to put her onto a card now.
I got a little bit more of my cross stitch done . doesn't look alot but the constant changing of colours is why :)
And yesterday I had a little but of me and baba boo time. we sat and watched some silly songs and he had one little chocolate this is the mess he made. but it makes me smile :D
anyways some bad news for me today.
I went for a smear test on the 29th DEC and got a letter today saying I've got to go for a colposcopy  they've got me an appointment for next week as I've got high grade dyskaryosis. 
little bit of a shock for me as i knew something was wrong but i was hoping that it was nothing, but me and Lee have spoken about it and we'll deal with the problems as they come I can't sit here feeling sorry for myself about it  it's just another thing thrown at us  (do wish these things would stop throwing themselves at us now though) i hope i don't sound to harsh on myself about this and that I'm brushing it off, because I'm not inside I'm scared to death. but i think dealing with my back problems and stress for the past 8 years I've taught myself to just sit and take the problems as they come. 
anyways enough of me going on I'm going to sit and do a little more of my cross stitch as I've got some peace and quiet for a while this evening Lee's got to go for an MRI on his spine for the Dr's to decide what path they are going to take with him there as been talks of him having an op on his spine to take the pressure off the nerves.



Monday, 5 January 2015

Hi guys
Just a quick one for this evening here's the card I've made using the free digi from simply betty's stamps
Nade xx