Sunday, 29 July 2012

 hi guys hope your all enjoying your sunday, it's a bit nippy here in ipswich today but we're just have a chill out day. Was F1 today so got chance to do a little more to my rose, got some digi stamps printed off yesterday so have to colour them in and get them put up on here

quick update on my rose cross stitch doesn't look much at the moment but the colours in it are so close :)

Lee's still having a bad time after his op last tuesday :( think they may have hit the nerve in his back this time grrrrr. but the more it's settling down teh more paon he seems to be in :/

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hi guys this is my moon fairy cross stitch that I completed after two months of working on it :)
She has alot of bead work throughout which took time but the effects are amazing.

This is the start of a simple rose one i'm working on at the moment. Theres no bead work included in this one but i'll see how it goes at the end and may well add some just to give it a little sparkle :)