Sunday, 4 January 2015

cross stitch and my new years resolution

Hi guys.
Just thought I would post a picture of the cross stitch I'm working on at the min.
I've nearly completed the first panel of this one it's the centre one of three.
I don't normally make new years resolutions , but this year I have decided that 
I'm going to make time every day to be able to craft.
I lost my mojo last year and haven't really done much crafting either card making 
or cross stitching.
I think i made this decision because over the past few months
 i've been having a few health problems on top of my chronic pain.
and to stop myself going into a deep depression.
I'm also going to post on here everything i make or updates on my cross stitch so you
can watch it grow :) 
any way enough of me going on 
Hugs to you all 
Nade xxx

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