Monday, 1 December 2008

OMG it's december already where has this year gone? christmas is almost upon us again.

the first picture is Me and Lee my wonderful husband not the best picture in the world of us lol
Lee is a publican and runs a music pub we have been married for 19 years on the 13th Jan. we've been together for 23 years now since I was 13 and he was 15 lol and they say young love never lasts :)

Next we have Jay our oldest son and his wonderful girlfriend Cherry this photo was taken when he was on holiday in Cebu.
Jay works with his dad in the pub but is also doing electronics at college

This is Emma our oldest daughter she changes her hair colour so often it's hard to get hold of an up to date colour :) she studying to become a photogragher at the moment and also into crafts she loves making pages for her scrapbook.
she also works in the pub lol

Both my girls like to stand out in a crowd but they don't like they way some people judge them for the way they look. they would help anyone in trouble at the drop of a hat. the other week a women fell over in the middle of town and people were walking past no one offered to help but they both went over and helped her up and made sure she was ok.

This is Beth our youngest daughter she's now finishing high school and can't wait to get started at college on her A levels again she's another one who loves scrapbooking at the moment she is making one called school days which is from when she started high school to the end.

This is Aaron our youngest better know as Arry.
His just started high school and doing really well. His one of these people with a wicked sense of humor and always makes you laugh with the things he comes out with. his not so much into crafting but does like cutting things out on my cricut, I have the scal program on my comp and found the doctor who font so his cut loads of thisngs with that of late lol

Anyway thats my family so you will see pictures of them popping up from time to time. :)

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