Sunday, 21 December 2008

craft central

Lee took me and beth over to craft central this morning and we got loads of bargains :) i've now got a big bite to go with my crop o dile but can't have either till christmas, beth got loads of scrapbooking papers so she's happy :)

Well tomorrow is the anniversary of losing my mum. this is the card i have made to put up with her I can't believe that four years have gone already, and i still miss her very much. we all do. so christmas is a pretty sad time for us.
I'm hoping the new year brings a better one than this year has been, it's not been all bad for us jay got engaged, we have got a few plans going round our heads at the min on where we want life to take us but i wont post about that bit yet but will do as soon as something comes of it.
we're all sorted for christmas now just got to get the fresh things in :) and think of something else to go with my dads present.
I'm trying to get my fire and ice cross stitch finish now his almost there i've got about a quarter of it left to go be glad to get it finished now though it's taken such a long time to complete but it is a big one. just thinking of my next one to do will get the poppy one done that one of the kind ladies from trimcraft sent me for my birthday :)

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