Tuesday, 2 December 2008

my birthday present finally arrived

Well My birthday present finally arrived yesterday from lee and the kids we've been waiting over a week for it to come. Anyway I had to put some pictures on here of what they got me because it's like OMG. I got two card making bounty boxes and when I took everything out do you think I could get it all back in the box? could I heck lol. But this huge stash will give me hours of fun :) Now their asking what I want for christmas lol i said the same again please :) but I'm so happy with this lot

some 6x6 papers and 2x12 papers

A4 papers

12x12 double sided papers

scrabble embelishments

some more 12x12 papers

embossed paper packs and some other papers

some stencils stamps and other bits and bobs

some more A4 papers

some 8x8 scrapbooks

some card kits

some stickers and embellishments

some more bits and bobs


MayJay said...

Happy Birthday Nadine. What a wonderful present.Is it from Artymiss? It looks similar to one I had from them.

nadine said...

Hi mayjay lol yes it is from artymiss think their bounty boxes are great because anything i dont use the girls do for their scrapbooks :) still looking for homes for everything at the min though.

Trish said...

Hope you had a good day and those bounty boxes look fantastic. Trish :)

maddy hill said...

looks like you had a very crafty birthday Nadine !
Hope you had a fab one .