Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hi guys sorry it's been a while since i last posted anything we've just had so much going on lately.
As some of you know Beth, Emden and Ry are coming back to the UK. they had planned to later this year anyway but Emdens mum Cheryl was shot just over a month ago and Beth doesn't feel safe raising her son over there any more.
It was our 24th wedding anniversary on Monday (i know i know I'd'd have got less for murder lol)
but it turned out to be the worst anniversary ever. Lee's mum died so we went round to say our good byes and spent time with lee's dad.
the card below is the card I made for Ron. just something very simple and sweet. i didn't want to go down the line of crosses or the hands of god.
so this week has been a week of nipping round both the dads to make sure they are ok (my own mum past 9 years ago 3 days before Christmas) and my dad still has his ups and downs.
Anyway today...
I'm not goinge out the house all this standing up has made my joints in my hips and spine very sore so I decided that i was going to have a sort out on my craft desk.... like that's happened, instead I done the front to my new promarker blends book. I've you the sbs stamp betty antoinette, have I said before I love bettys stamps she is so talented. I'm not sure where i got the backing paper from think it was from a kit fro, granny enchanted blog spot. and I've just finished it off with teh blue peel off border and a few stars.
the book itself is from re-create sltd where my son jay works. 
so I'm now off to try and sort my desk out lol
hugs and kisses

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