Wednesday, 25 September 2013

hi guys i haven't updated my blog for a few days now , but i have been feeling a little sad over the past few weeks as i've not been able to get to oklahoma ready for my daughter to give birth and i so wanted to be there for her :( 
This week though lee has got to have some pain blocks in his spine to try and help him with his back.

OK the top photo is a stitch i done when my son james was a baby so it's about 25 years old  and still looking good.

The second photo, is a card i started designing tonight. and this is as far as i've got i just loved the paper and yes it is wall paper my daughter works for one of the large companies and this was half a roll that as left over so she brought it home for me to see if i could use it and it makes lovely paper and design for cards.

The third photo is of my puppy odi, wearing a hat, he was so very happy not that he looks it but his 8 so we'll forgive him for that one lol.

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Lucy said...

I'm so sorry you've not been able to make it to Oklahoma - I know you were looking forward to it so much. I really hope you get there soon x