Saturday, 9 March 2013

on another note

a couple of weeks ago i went into a few black days and saw no hope for my crafting infact the only thing i could think of was slipping the lot ( and i have thousands of pounds worth of stash) i got told something whilst going into one of my dark days and it was enough to push me all the way. anyway i'm out of it again and happy again but i've lost my mojo at the min :( i don't seem to be able to think up anything with my card making, i have however finished my blackrose cross stitch and started on another flower one

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Julie Hasell said...

hiya hun if you go on my page i have nominated you for the Liebster award for new blogs, collect you badge hun and you can read all about it there :-) don't give up your crafting hun even if go of it, as you know i have many a dark day which can not motivate myself to do anything let alone craft, but i push myself just to do some colourng and is a huge help as takes me into my own little world.

huge hugs