Saturday, 4 August 2012

hi guys :) i found these digi stamps on another blog thought they were so cute :) i've distressed them up a bit just to give them an older feel the top one i used ivory ice grey 2 henna and pastel beige out the the promarker range. on the second one my ivory promarker has run out so used vanilla instead, was more than happy with the outcome though. just going to have to get myself a new ivory now though.


Hazel said...

Nadine you can get refills for your promarkers. They are called tria inks and letraset have a list online saying which inks to buy for which colour,
H xx

nadine baxter said...

ooooooo hadn't thought about that :) thought they were only for the tria markers lol :) xxx

Flutterby Trina said...

hey from your latest follower! Came over from the CBN facebook page! Over 10 followers now! Whooop! Some fab colouring! Will be back soon! x