Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hi guys this is my moon fairy cross stitch that I completed after two months of working on it :)
She has alot of bead work throughout which took time but the effects are amazing.

This is the start of a simple rose one i'm working on at the moment. Theres no bead work included in this one but i'll see how it goes at the end and may well add some just to give it a little sparkle :)


Hazel said...

My hubby used to be a framer and I did all his design work for him, like designing mounts with different shapes etc. We framed this cross stich for the MIL's friend and its really beautiful just like yours ,
H xx

nadine baxter said...

ty :) i've got all my completed ones in a box atm but lee's going to have a go at framing (gives him something to do)