Tuesday, 6 January 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful new year

This is my first ATC of the year. I thought after so many people had had areally bad year in 2008 it was time to say goodbye to it and welcome this year

This set of cards I've entered into the trimcraft challenge. Because I've not been well over the past week with my reaction to ferrero rochers I made these in one night

the backing on this one is from the oldworld mat stack

my second is again using the oldworld mat stack

this one is very plain and simple using peeloff stickers and sakura metallic pens

This one is again very simple just using peeloffs and sakura jellyroll pens the christmas green and red.
(Beth doesn't actually like this card at all is has nothing to do with the card it's actually the picture if you look it's the angel of death) I hadn't noticed this when I was making it.

Again another very simple one using peeloffs and sakura stardust when that had dried I used the jellyroll over the top to give a really beautiful effect.

This is my fire and Ice cross stitch which has taken me about four months to complete. Beth so kindly held it up for me to take the picture, I was glad to get it finished as working on the black was really becoming hard work. I'm really pleased with the results though.

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