Friday, 28 November 2008

what a wet day

my native American urn

Firstly is hasn't stopped raining here today heavy rain as well just glad I didn't have to go anywhere.

Went to craft central yesterday and got a few new bits, a big box of paper, some decoupage and a few other bits the best bit was they had 20% off. got an email this evening saying they are having up to 40% off over the weekend hmmmm. the card above was one of the decoupage i got made me and Emma laugh so hope it brings a smile to your face.

Anyway since I last wrote on here I've had my birthday and would like to thank all the girls from the trimcraft forum for sending me all those beautiful cards. my dad bought me a native American Indian urn (pictured above) which goes with a set i already have. My cake was an orange dinosaur hmmmm think the kids were trying to tell me something like I'm getting old lol I'm only 36.
Bit upset though as Lee and all the kids put in together to buy me a massive order from arty miss and it hasn't come yet they did say the other day on the trimcraft forum that people who ordered on the 20Th 21st should get it on Friday well i didn't so not sure when that's going to come now, but will be well after my birthday maybe i could have it for a Christmas present instead lmao
thanks for reading xx

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